Why is WordPress still popular in 2019?

Aarati Parajuli
1 min readAug 10, 2019

This is the era of technology. If you see the ratio ,larger mass of non technical people are using more technological tools than that of technical people.

WordPress is specifically designed for those who don’t know how to code or don’t wanna know programming techniques. Who would bother to learn html, css, JavaScript, PHP and so on for years just to make a website which is built within few minutes in WordPress.

Similarly, due to the expansion of internet business, WordPress is not stepping back even in 2019. Many e-commerce websites are developed in WordPress, because websites from scratch need more time to be built and one cannot wait that longer to earn from his first business.

Additionally advanced WordPress themes and plugins are being developed in larger number. This also helped WordPress to be popular. Because people nowadays focus more on time-value than on money-value, they won’t waste time on building software if it comes in affordable price.

Also, WordPress’s competitors like Joomla and other others CMS are not being able to replace it because people find WordPress super easy to work with . And many WordPress community has been founded so that even if you encounter any problems , you can easily find someone who had already solved it.

Therefore, not only in 2019 WordPress is gonna rock and live longer , till the web technology is alive.