5 Best WordPress PopUp Plugins- Compared!

Aarati Parajuli
3 min readApr 16, 2021

While searching for the best WordPress popup plugins, it was kind of shocking to see the number of installations of these plugins. Research shows about 100000+ WordPress users are using a popup plugin on their website. This means a popup plugin is vital to create an interactive website. So if you have a website with no popup plugin, you might be missing something really important.

1. Popup Plugin for WordPress — Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups stands out as the number one popup plugin on the Codecanyon market with the highest installation number. This plugin is very easy to install and set up. You can create and customize your popups effortlessly with drag & drop visual editor. One main reason for its popularity is its advanced anti-blocker system. This system is blocker proof that can bypass any popup blocker to ensure your popup is always displayed in any circumstances.

This responsive plugin has a powerful impact on its users as it offers popups with elegant & professional design. Due to its attractiveness, it convinces users to take action by clicking on the popups. With the integration of mailing systems including JetPack, GetResponse, MailChimp, InfusuionSoft, etc, this plugin increases more than 700% of email subscribers.

2. Popup Plugin For WordPress — ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus popup Plugin comes in second positions as per its sales in the Envato market. This plugin is a highly advanced and optimized plugin with a higher conversion rate. Conversion rate here means the percentage of users taking action through popups. Either it is for subscribing to newsletters or showing an alert to sign in, this plugin works better for almost every purpose. Similarly, it integrates with several mailing systems as well.

You can even promote products and deals through popups using this contemporary plugin. The main motive of this plugin is to engage your customers to your site and convince them to take action like subscribing, sharing on social media, registering to your website, purchasing your products, and much more.

3. Popup Plugin for WordPress — Green Popups

Green Popups comes packed with 200+ beautifully designed popup templates. You can just choose one of them and start showing them to your users. Meanwhile, you can create and customize your own designs as well. This flexible plugin can include multilayer animations in popups and adjust where and how to display popups on your website as well. Though it accepts animated popups, it ensures your website speed is not affected in any way.

This plugin also offers an anti popup blocker system to display your popups in any condition. You can customize popups using an interactive popup builder with over 20 popup elements.

4. Popup Plugin for WordPress — Popup Press — Popups Slider & Lightbox

Slider and lightbox within a popup? That’s interesting! This popup plugin is the all-in-one plugin with features like auto open, auto close, on-click popup, on page load popup, on hover popup, and on exit intent popup as well. It accepts elements like HTML, videos, images, image slider, image gallery, google maps, audio, pdf, and much more.

5. Popup Plugin for WordPress & Popup Editor — Master Popups for Email Subscription