5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2021

Aarati Parajuli
6 min readApr 12, 2021


Providing premium content on your website? And want to restrict free members or unauthorized users to access the premium contents? Here are the 5 best WordPress membership plugins that will help to apply a premium membership system on your site.

Moreover, by the use of one of these plugins you can create a community membership website, online learning platform with premium courses, training & gym membership website, and much more. Now, let’s explore more!

1. Ultimate Membership Pro — WordPress Membership Plugin

Do you know? This plugin can help you accelerate your income and fulfill your financial goals. Let’s see how! As this plugin offers a recurring billing system, you can set the subscription plan as yearly or monthly. By doing so your customers will need to renew their account over a certain period of time. Be sure to engage them with your products or content by providing them some discounts. This will lead you to increase revenue every year by a huge percentile. You can also provide offers like discount coupons and free or paid trials with the help of this plugin.

This is the most popular and best-selling Wordpress membership plugin on the Envato market. With tons of features, it turns out to be a complete package plugin you’ll ever need to apply a premium membership system. Using this plugin, you can create a multilevel subscription system for your users with infinite subscription packages. Similarly, you can set content access rules to restrict certain pages and posts to be accessible to certain subscription plans only.

This best WordPress membership plugin ensures complete content protection so that your content cannot be misused and you can earn as much revenue as your contents deserve. No need to worry about payments, this plugin supports 11+ popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, PayPal Express Checkout, etc

This plugin is loved by almost 20000+ WordPress users because it comes along with free 40 Addons for just $49. It is not possible to write every feature of this amazing plugin in this single post, so you can read more here…

2. WooCommerce Membership

If you have a WooCommerce business site on Wordpress, this plugin is one for you. This simple yet elegant plugin will allow you to create as many as membership plans you want. You can categorize the membership plans by giving any name and set of rules, such as Sliver Membership, Golden Membership, Diamond Membership, etc. The plugin provides an interactive admin interface from where you can add or remove members manually and link membership plans to allow members to view drip contents automatically.

For a Woocomerce product, you can select multiple membership plans to provide access when customers purchase it. Also, you can set the expiration time of products and membership plans so that customers only get access to what they are paying for. If a customer is not satisfied with your products you can provide them a refund and the membership plan is automatically expired. So you don’t need to worry about the privacy of your products. This plugin also ensures that your customers get every bit of the membership information as it automatically sends Membership activation and Membership cancellation configuration mails. Read more…

3. ARMember — WordPress Membership Plugin

If you are planning to create an online learning platform to sell your courses, then this plugin should be a better choice. Not only that, but this plugin is also suitable for business consulting services, membership communities, podcasts & design template selling websites, Paid Content, and News selling platforms.

This plugin offers amazing login & registration forms, along with social login as well. You can protect your content from unauthorized access using this super flexible plugin with tons of features. Users can choose any Multi-level membership plans and surprisingly they can choose the ‘pay per post’ option as well. You can schedule content to release bit by bit and members will get to access the drip content if they have paid for it.

Multiple payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Bank Transfer as well as 2Checkout are available. Similarly, members can hold more than one membership at a time. You can provide options to your members if they want a one-time subscription or recurring subscriptions. Additionally, you can even create a bundle or package of multiple products or contents at a fixed price so that members can buy them in bulk. Read More…

4. UserPro — Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

This highly customizable Wordpress membership plugin is great for any business website including online community sites as well. Using this plugin, you can provide posts and page access to only verified accounts and lock the whole website or certain pages for logged-out users. This plugin provides a highly interactive and responsive front-end interface. Along with the login and registration form, using this plugin you can showcase your member’s profile beautifully and redirect them to a custom page after registration.

You can even add unlimited custom fields to the form and customize any fields. Similarly, the social media login feature is also available. Surprisingly, your members can earn membership badges and achievements which adds spice to their profile. Users can set passwords, change passwords and edit their profiles whenever they want. However, the admin can set automatic or manual approvement of new users, accept or reject their membership through the admin panel. Additionally, you as the admin can block or unblock users as well.

Members can find a searchable members list with thumbnails and can feel your website like a social network as you can set up options like following, followers, connections and activity feed, and notifications as well. Thus, this can be an extremely different experience for your users on a business site. Your members can also sync their profile with their profile on other popular plugins & sites such as BuddyPress, SVG Avatars, MyCred, and WooCommerce. This plugin is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and Gutenberg. Read More…

5. PrivateContent — Multilevel Content Plugin

This plugin is specially made to restrict any posts, pages, comments, menus, widgets, and options from unqualified members or non-members. You can hide your contents and show a warning box to your users or show an excerpt of post contents or set custom contents instead. Block any user who doesn’t match your restriction parameters and hide the entire website from such a user by redirecting them to the 404 pages not found. Or to force visitors to sign up to your website you can simply redirect them to the signup or login page.

It provides you an advanced user management interface and tracking system. Among dozens of plugins are available in the market, but this plugin works great when it comes to the complex setup of private contents and fields, with unlimited user categories. You can set up this amazing plugin easily without any hassle.

This plugin promises the complete protection of any type of file and tracks user’s download with Google Analytics. It is highly flexible as you can assign users to multiple categories at a time. Category filter, data sorting, advanced search features are additional spices that make this plugin out of the box. You can track and create a user activity database within your website and export it into Excel or CSV format. This will help you give an idea about which contents or pages or products are most liked by your users. Read More…