5 Best WordPress Map Plugins Compared.

Aarati Parajuli
3 min readApr 19, 2021


Google has made finding a location easier by launching google maps. Similarly, these 5 Best Wordpress map plugins have made the integration of Google Maps to Wordpress sites easier. If you are not able to decide which plugin is better for Google map integration into your site then you are in the right place. Here we compare these plugins with each other on the basis of features, usability, price, and everything that matters for you.

1. Interactive World Maps

Use Interactive World Maps for creating interactive and responsive maps inside your website. This plugin is the best-selling wordpress map plugin in the Envato market. With this plugin, you’ll be able to integrate interactive maps inside your website easily. You can use this plugin for your beautiful travel websites, restaurant listing website, or any kind of site that need to direct users to various locations.

Similarly, its uses range from small websites to large websites because Interactive World Maps includes 300+ maps. It includes World maps, continent-focused maps, subcontinent focused maps, country-focused maps, and so on. This plugin is the best-rated map plugin in Envato and has thousands of happy customers. Additionally, it is compatible with all the popular WordPress Themes such as Divi, Avada as well as X Themes.

Key Features of Interactive World Maps

  1. Responsive: Adapts according to the space available to display.
  2. Variety of Display Types: Color regions, plot markers or add text labels. Similarly, combine colored regions as well as markers in the same map using advanced techniques.
  3. Mobile Ready: Generated by the Google Geo chart API in SVG format, Therefore, work cross-platform, including iOS devices!
  4. Interactivity: Set click actions to the text, markers, or regions colored, including Open new URL, Display custom HTML content below or above the map, Display an alert message, and Run custom javascript code.
  5. Customizable Map Visuals: Control the map visuals, including Background color, Inactive regions color, Individual colors for each active region or marker, marker size.
  6. Easy Customization with CSS: Geo chart API doesn’t support some customization options. However, Interactive World Maps has made it easy to implement them with CSS. Country border color and size customization; Hover color Tooltip customization, Integration of Fontawesome.

2. Google Maps — WordPress Map Plugin

If you are searching for a plugin that allows you to set uncountable markers on the map, then this plugin is the very right one. You can choose among the multiple predefined markers and display all the locations with their own icons. Similarly, For each location, you can create and customize an info card with all the necessary details including email, contact number, working hours, etc. This plugin allows the google map to calculate the distance between your location and marked location automatically.

This highly featured plugin allows you to take control of the maps by changing the colors, sizing, control bar, layers, and zoom in and out as well.

3. Image Map Pro for WordPress

Image Map Pro is an SVG map Builder plugin for WordPress. Besides text and location, with this plugin, you can select and pin SVG and polygon shapes as well. It is also the top media plugin for WordPress The plugin enables you to place location, add text.

Key Features of Image Map Pro SVG Map Builder WordPress Plugin

  1. More than 50 maps of countries bundled.
  2. Powerful and easy-to-use editor.
  3. Custom polygon shapes.
  4. More than 600 high-quality font icons.
  5. Super advance backend editor.
  6. Content builder for tooltips.
  7. Fully responsive.
  8. Image map import/export.

4. MapSVG WordPress map plugin

5. Map List Pro